Benefits Of Using Cleartax For Businesses

Benefits Of Using Cleartax For Businesses

ncome tax season has arrived in the country where it is a tedious and cumbersome task to compute taxes. Additionally, for companies whether corporates or SMEs it is equally a complicated task that is to be undertaken meticulously without missing out any details. After all it is a matter of grave concern that the taxes be computed and filed in the right manner.

It is not just the taxes, but the means of saving time and money, investments and profits that all count at the time of filing for taxes. For this purpose it becomes essential to find software like GST Cleartax or cleartax software that is all encompassing providing the customer with all the details in one go.

What makes cleartax gst tool a reliable and beneficial tool to use by the companies?

For the following simple reasons cleartax stands as the most reliable and the most beneficial software for many:

  • Easy to use with a simple and uncomplicated layout that can be used by a non-professional.
  • The ease of following the guidance is due to the use of simple language easily understandable to all.
  • Tutorial based services that make it easy to understand how to use the software.
  • Paperless work done in digital format that helps save environment.
  • Ability to save the work and then again pick up to where you left it without hassles.
  • The software is encrypted with 128- bit SSL security that is authentic bank grade security that keeps the data safe.
  • The data stored is inaccessible by any outside element and the information stored within the software is private.
  • The data entered within the software can be downloaded or printed as per the user convenience.
  • Cloud-based e-filing is available to the CAs through enterprise edition of cleartax.

ClearTax and COVID-19

During these times of crises especially the pandemic or COVID-19 situation that is amuck these days, it is a great relief that the digitization of tax filing becomes easy with cleartax.

The time of COVID-19 is the time that became the source of digitization of data with cleartax by assisting the customers with easy tax-filings at a remote place. Avoiding the hassle of manual filing, now equipped with single data source on their fingertips. It efficiently serves customers with tax-filings without the limitation of geographical distance.

Another essential thing to note is that the software can be accessed at any time as per user convenience.

User friendly feature of data integration that helps keeping a track on data helping the user at each step of filing through the entire process. Assistance is readily provided in case required.

Single system data flow that helps in quickly adapt as per customer need. It comes handy in situation where frequent changes take place allowing the people involved to keep their customers updated with the information. Additionally, any changes in the regulatory data, the users are informed by cleartax.

Active monitoring of the data and constant communication with the users is yet another advantage that the software offers. Cleartax support is offered by software professionals who organize refresher courses and even organize webinars to assist those who wish to install cleartax in their system.

Cleartax into Expanding solutions

It is needless to say that the software is ever expanding and growing exponentially as per the technology and customer requirements. Recently it is being announced that the experts of the software are looking forward towards expansion of the solutions offered by cleartax with the inclusion of sales features that will enable integration of customer interactions, closing and making deals faster with inclusion of products that will suit the customer needs.

Automation of workflows along with streamlined approvals will help in data integration of a deeper level along with collaboration of different teams within the software. With this it would be possible for the operations, support teams and sales to participate with data integration effortlessly.

Making the software customer centric is the goal of the software and for this reason the plans of expansion that will integrate data collaboration as a major tool providing a full on customer experience with various tools that will be to the advantage of the customer.

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