Excel To Tally – Solution for All Types of Data Import

Excel To Tally – Solution for All Types of Data Import

Nowadays, data has become a central part of the business. The collection of data of the customers has increased tremendously. Most businesses are looking to satisfy customers. The best way to satisfy the customers to the maximum level is to know their preferences, behaviors, interests, and needs.

The starting point of any business analysis is the data. The best business decisions are made- with the available data of the customers. If the data is more accurate and correct, then the companies get a competitive advantage and can make great decisions.

A large part of the business’s success depends on the way they collect, store, analyze, and manage data of the customer. As said earlier, the correct and accurate data without any errors can boost the business. The best way to have error-free data is IT automation. IT automation is the process of making software and system to reduce manual intervention and replace repeatable processes.

Tally Prime provides you the automation of the overall functioning of the business. That helps in increasing or enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the business. Tally saves time in setting up and repeating the instructions; this aids the staff to perform more strategic work.

Sometimes, a business not just uses one but uses multiple software to support different functions like marketing, finance, IT, and others. Most of the software in the market needs accurate data to maintain the integrity of the data. But Tally allows you to copy and re-enter the data in different software that eventually saves time.

You can import the data from other software into Tally through excel by using Excel to Tally Import utility. This process is automated. It requires minimal human interference, and the chances of manual error are negligible or eliminated.

Different sources to import data to tally

Let us look at the different sources through which you can import the data to Tally.

E-commerce sites

In the present era, most people prefer online shopping over offline shopping. Because it makes purchasing straightforward and convenient. One thing that makes people choose online shopping is that goods are delivered directly to them. Moreover, people are getting much aware of strict rules implementation on online scams and frauds. Refund and return policies had made people stick with e-commerce stores.

E-commerce sites provide the excel sheet to the seller that contains the details of the sales in batches. And the seller has to enter the data of all transactions in Tally manually, which can be a time-consuming and hectic task. To simplify this task and to maintain the data, there are two options in a Tally that are using the export to tally import utility and use of API integration (This allow in fetching the transactions from the eCommerce sites to Tally in a click)

CRM based

Data from the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Tally must be integrated to fetch the maximum benefits of both the software.Data integrity is vital to maintain the data accurately. But, maintenance of the data manually may not be the feasible option.

You can import all the data such as different voucher entries (sales, receipt, purchase, etc.), stocks, cost centers, and others- that can be stored in Tally.

One can import different kinds of data in Tally using Excel to Tally Import Utility. You can even import bulk data into the Tally: which eventually makes your work hassle-free.

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