How Video Surveillance Technology Has Advanced – CCTV Technology

How Video Surveillance Technology Has Advanced – CCTV Technology

There was a time when Video Surveillance was a miraculous thing, and it was one of its kind. But today, we have come far from that as if it has become part of our daily lives. You can find video surveillance everywhere, from home to streets, hospitals, schools, parks, playgrounds, and even places of worship.

Timeline of CCTV camera:

CCTV (Closed-circuit television) was first used in 1942 in Germany when they installed this system to Monitor Weapons During World War II and to observe the launch of V-2 rockets.

In television, people from anywhere could see the video footage on their screen. Unlike television, CCTV footage could only be watched by people having access to the circuit. That’s why it’s called closed-circuit television.

Video Surveillance Helped Society in Minimizing Crime:

It has not been hidden from anyone that in places where CCTV cameras are installed, crime and theft chances reduce exponentially.

In this modern era, almost every criminal case is being resolved partially or fully with a video surveillance system. Thus, it has become so essential for us to install CCTV cameras at public or private places where we fear that any unsocial activity can occur.

Video surveillance systems not just helped us in reducing crimes but made us a better social being. People tend to act friendly when they are being watched, and the same is when a camera is protecting you.

According to a study, researchers found that parks and playgrounds where CCTV cameras are installed are often cleaner than where they aren’t present. It is also seen that students and employees tend to be more focused if the room is under surveillance, thus giving more productivity to them.

How Video Surveillance is Shaping the Modern Era:

Have you ever thought of self-driving cars? Or how do we get those beautiful pictures of mountains and earth from the sky? The video surveillance system has dived deep down in our life enhancement.

  • In self-driving cars, the input in the form of a video (collection of pictures per second) is sent to the computer, where it processes how to ride along the road.
  • The drone shots taken high above the ground have given us a different perspective to see things around us.
  • The GPS that we use also takes the help of video surveillance in a much-complicated way, and that’s how we can get an exact location of ourselves and the area we are in search of.
  • Crops and terrain can be easily monitored through a surveillance system, which can provide more productiveness.

The above points are just a few examples of how vital video surveillance was and will be in the future.

Not only these, but video surveillance is also now being widely used in the fields of research, science, medical and exploration of space and oceans.

Today we can see aquatic animals’ lives deep down the ocean and see what’s happening at the surface of Mars and the moon. We can see what’s happening in the international space station, and these were thought to be impossible in the previous century.

There are endless uses and benefits of video surveillance systems. Today the installation of CCTVs is so cost-effective that every section of society can install them. A camera system equips people with an increased sense of confidence and reassurance to the people, and when you know your place is safe, you have peace of mind. Surely, the Video Surveillance system will keep giving its service to society for a long time.

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