Publer – The Ultimate Social Media Scheduling Tool

Publer – The Ultimate Social Media Scheduling Tool

Are you managing multiple social media accounts at a time? That can be a real hustle. One way to ease your work is by using a Social Media Scheduling Tool. There are way too many social media scheduling tools in the market. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to social media scheduling tools.

But several features make Publer unique as a platform.

Here we will be looking at:

  • What is Publer?
  • How Does It Work? and
  • How to Use It?

What Is Publer?

Publer is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to post and schedule content on all major social media platforms. You can also use it as a collaboration tool by adding team members and getting deep analytics into your social media page and post’s performance.

How Does Publer Work?

You can connect all your social media accounts to your Publer and start posting and scheduling content.

Publer also allows you to sign up for a free account if you would like to test out a few features. Under the free plan, you can connect up to 5 different social accounts and can schedule up to 50 posts.

How To Use Publer?

Publer has a very minimalistic interface, it is extremely user-friendly, and you can get started within no time.

  1. Adding Social Accounts:
    The first thing that you should do after logging into Publer is: add all your social accounts. You can do that by visiting the “Accounts” tab and clicking on “Add Account.”
    Publer allows you to group your accounts on different platforms in an easier fashion by using the “Group Accounts” feature.
  2. Posting Content:
    Once you’ve added all the accounts that you would like to connect with, you can start creating content. To do that, click on the “Create” tab, and you can start creating content right here.

    Before finally posting the content, you have an option to preview it. You can see how your post looks like on desktop and mobile.
    Right below the content box, you will see three buttons. You can either “Post” the content directly, or “Draft” or “Schedule” your post.
  3. Your Publer Posts:
    To view everything that you have scheduled, posted, or drafted at Publer, you can visit the “Posts” section. You can see all your scheduled, posted, and drafted content that you’ve saved.
  4. Publer Analytics:
    Publer provides you with decent analytics. You can see how your posts are performing, the engagement you are getting, etc.
    You can view your specific post insights as well. You also get the option to repost these directly from your analytics report.
  5. Additional Features:
    Certain features are really unique to the Publer platform. If you go to the “Accounts” tab and click on an account, you will see watermarks and signatures.
    Watermarks and signatures (links or messages)- will be added every time you create a post.

We hope this post gave you an understanding of the general work of Publer. For detailed information or to get your own Publer account, visit

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