Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Tally Prime Software

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Tally Prime Software

Tally Prime software is the upgrade latest version of Tally that can be easily used by even a novice. The biggest advantage that the software serves to small and medium business owners is the ability to incorporate all the features that are easy to use along with rendering detailed reports at a zip of a speed. Accessing detailed reports using the unique feature of Go To navigation bar easily accessible by the user.

Now the question is why buy tally prime or why tally prime download is essential for a business owner or an entrepreneur? Following are top ten reasons to upgrade to Tally prime software:

Easy to use UI

Tally prime software comes with the biggest advantage of offering a user friendly UI or user interface with the inclusion of a unique feature of Go To search bar available on the primary top screen of the software. Easy to access the features or perform a search regarding any menu now becomes relatively easy. This makes 90% of menu accessible effortlessly.

For business owners, this comes as an advantage as they do not need to deploy a professional to work through tally prime as it is easy to be used even by a novice. Saving money on employing a professional and cutting the cost rendered to hire a professional to work on the software adds value.

Easy management of data

For those who have multiple companies and wish to buy tally prime then the advantage served is that of ease of adding two companies with same password. Now the hassle of logging again in the software cut short the time taken to loading the software and entering the login details. It saves a lot of time and time is money.

Optimizing Invoice

Invoice management is a cumbersome task for many especially for those who are into distribution or retail business. Now when you opt for tally prime software download the advantage that you get comes with excellent features that help in creating an optimized invoice. Not only the unwanted space is removed but one invoice is created for multiple items. The hassle of creating multiple invoices for different businesses is no longer required.

It serves a great advantage for businesses that are into multiple businesses that need to fetch records for the same.

Accessing data

Accessing all masters that includes voucher types, masters, and even ledgers now becomes relatively easier with the feature of Chart of Accounts. Without having to navigate through multiple views or options you can at once seek the important data that you require within a fraction of minute.

Mark details as permanent

Some fields in tally are used on a routine basis while other fields are rarely if ever used. Navigating through all the fields to look for or use the most used fields is a cumbersome job. Now the advantage that the latest version of tally offers is the ability to mark some fields as Permanent. Marking most used fields this way serves the advantage of easily fetching and working on them. Saving time and cutting off unnecessary task of going through the details that are not used so often.

Organized invoice system

Organizing invoice system is a tedious task, but not anymore with the latest version that offers three options:

  • Item invoice
  • Accounting invoice
  • As invoice

Easy and quick navigation that saves time fetches information at zip speed and a non-professional can create invoice using the feature.

Session rights

The latest feature of Admin Rights is offered even through browser access. If the business owner finds an anomaly in the data or wishes to terminate or disconnect the user session then it becomes easy using browser access with Admin Rights. The feature is also available in remote access giving the advantage of killing the session as and when required by the business owner. The feature serves advantage when even during your out of office time you wish to terminate the user session if required be at times of emergency.

Information on fingertips

F1 Help is the biggest feature that makes it easy to access options that provides information about the product, license information and the data information on tally, including connectivity information and information related to the system as well. Good for those who are new to tally and for non-professionals as well who wish to seek tally support.

Tally software installation

Tally software installation is made easy for those who are not well versed with it. Updating or creating a new folder is easily to handle task, the auto-check, detection of old file and updating information within tally is all automated. However, if a business owner still needs help with it then seeking Tally prime software solutions offered by certified software professionals is the best way to go.

Clean Layout

The provision of Help Menu enables the user in seeking / accessing error messages and other essential details. Availability of this feature makes it easier for any user to seek information within a span of minute.

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