Top Reasons why WhatsApp API for Business is Good

Top Reasons why WhatsApp API for Business is Good

Communication is the key to any business and it is essential that a robust system be deployed for the purpose of establishing a good customer relationship. As per global surveys the conclusion clearly states that businesses providing an open and clear channel of communication with customers are establishing better relationships. It directly translates to smart resolutions, fast response and real-time communication. With the integration of Whatsapp API or Whatsapp Business API customer engagement is becoming vital that is with regard to context-aware messaging. So, why is it that WhatsApp API messaging service is good for businesses? Let’s find out.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

Convenient Communication

Companies engaged with their customers over WhatsApp API messaging find it a better way to engage in convenient communication that is interactive means of getting through to the customers. With the convenience of two-way communication and a direct gateway to reach out it benefits the businesses. Easy to run campaigns and reaching out to customers directly is a matter of convenience. Transactional WhatsApp (inbound and outbound) communication is smooth.

Enhanced Customer Care

Customers require open communication with business owners regarding their queries and resolving issues. Keeping this in mind WhatsApp business provides a personal environment to chat in real-time with customers. The one-on-one communication along with zero wait time for customers ensures customer loyalty and trust bond with customers. Additionally, the TAT for business response is set to 24 hours response time with non-templet based messages.

Brand Conversations

Creating a business profile or using the WhatsApp business API provides with add-on features of business branding. Inclusion of URL, promotional details, event details and ability to store locations ensures establishment of business identity that too at no cost at all.

Global Reach

Expanding the arena of business offline requires a lot of capital investment and it takes time to establish a global reach. However, with WhatsApp API messaging expanding global reach becomes a lot easier and quicker. The availability of this app across 100 + countries with around 2 billion users ensures that your business reaches out on a wider scale and captivates audience on global level.

Next Level Communication

Once a business adds users to conversation, a continued communication is established. Ability to create message templates that will immediately notify customers regarding launch of new product/ service or an event related to it becomes easier.

Secure Communication

With the introduction of customer messaging opt-In spam messages are regulated. Security of encrypted messages along with two-factor authentication keeps the conversation safe. Verification of business account done by WhatsApp ensures that the business account is authentic.

Features Available with Whatsapp Business API

  • Messaging templates can be created for pre-responses and messages along with reminders, confirmations, delivery updates.
  • Availability of quick response ensures that time is saved in constructing messages and communication is faster too.
  • Each interaction is encrypted ensuring that the communication exchanged is fully secure between the customer and the business.
  • The app is designed to work on all mobile devices and even works on desktop browser that makes it conveniently accessible. The barrier of location and device types is broken enabling a seamless communication.
  • Branded business profile can be created with all the details of the business that makes it easier for your business to be available on search online.
  • Sorting conversations or chats becomes easier with labeling them using color schemes and labels. It becomes convenient to sort out inbound and outbound messages along with sales related conversation and even announcement communication.
  • Stats on message deliver and message data are readily available making it a valuable asset for feedback on the messages exchanged.
  • Catalogue creation is possible due to the feature that enables creating 500 services/ products for businesses. Links for catalogues can be shared throughout social media platforms making your business easy to search by potential clients.

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