Why choose us for all your Tech Based needs?

Why choose us for all your Tech Based needs?

In this ever-evolving world of today, technology functions as the backbone of all the important sectors of society. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to have strong technical support to secure yourself and get your business thriving.

We at Logic Fusion believe that in an arena like ours it is extremely crucial to be at the pinnacle of things and therefore we cater to our esteemed customers with the most advanced technology available in the market. We also understand that in this fast-paced world, time is of the essence and therefore we provide a host of services under our roof in extremely nominal charges. Given below are the list of services we offer:

Tally Services

Since this particular service has become an important aspect of business owners, we are proud to convey that Tally ERP 9 has manifested itself to Tally Prime. Tally Prime now can be enabled on mobile phones which makes it convenient for the owners to have it handy and hassle-free. It has also availed heights of convenience by being supported on the cloud along with an automatic data backup facility and security. Besides, we have also opened up the gateway to hassle-free accounting with the possibility of easy transfer of data is possible from excel into Tally Prime, automatic e-way bill, and automated payment reminders employing mail, cellular messages as well as WhatsApp. We urge you to try this for your businesses and our skilled engineers will leave no stones unturned in fixing the whole area for your business to run smoothly.

Marketing Solutions

In this competitive space, businesses need to buckle up and bring their A-game in the marketing zone. Here too, we present ourselves with providing you with the best Domain Services to familiarize your business in the digital space, Google G-Suite Email Solutions for smooth functioning, and WowSender Email Marketing and Bulk SMS to promote your product to the targeted demographic audience. Logic Fusion also believes that intelligent CRM is what provides an edge to the businesses so; we provide the CRM solutions in terms of Sales and Support. Further, keeping in mind that WhatsApp has become a staple in everyone’s devices, we fully aid in CRM via WhatsApp featuring the Live Chat option which has been abundantly loved by our clients closely followed by the all-new Transactional WhatsApp feature. In addition to this, the trending marketing strategy used by major corporations is the highly acknowledged video testimonials and Logic Fusion can arrange a worthy Video testimonial collector for your firm to gather genuine and trustworthy opinions from the consumers which can be a Holy Grail version of the modern-day marketing.

We wholeheartedly support your vision to elevate your business to the heights of success and therefore aid you in doing so by assisting you with IndiaMart Online Business Listing and doing our bit in driving your business to the national scale. Numerous times we have come across the fact that as businesses expand, they seem to face any issue with receiving payments and before such an issue is faced with your firm, do think about us as we cater according to needs of our clients and suggest and install the best payment solutions for you.

Security Solutions

Gone are the days when a good old lock on your door was enough to secure both your home and business areas. With due advancement in the digital space, your precious belongings and ventures are highly susceptible to security threats. Therefore, we take it upon us to furnish all your needs with superior level security enhanced with biometric features and ace technical workings. In terms of providing the best security, we make sure that your firm is well equipped with CCTV cameras that cover every nook and corner of the space along with highly-rated Intercom IBPX. In case you work along the lines of the hospitality industry, we provide cent percent secure door lock features so that the security of your guests remain uncompromised. With the threatening factors getting creative with their notorious angles, we too have a creative security parcel in the form of video door phones which ensures total security of you and your family. Therefore, with Logic Fusion experts by your side, you can sleep soundly at night while the best of our services keeps you safe and secure.

Hardware and Software Solutions

We deal in a variety of hardware goods ranging from desktops, laptops, servers, power backup solutions, etc. In addition to that, your software needs are also well taken care of as we cater towards superior data networking and backbone infra whilst also providing high-speed internet service as the importance of a high bandwidth internet is incomparable in today’s technologically driven age.

Apart from the facilities mentioned above, we attend to a host of other IT solutions and assure you the deliverance of quality work on time. Our highly trained staff are competent to provide a thorough outlook on your requirements and assist you throughout your journey in availing the best of services with us. We put the needs and wishes of our clients above all and aim on providing quality service within the stated budget. We do what we love and build long term relationships with our valued clients and assist them whenever the need calls for such. Logic Fusion is not just an IT solutions company, rather it’s a business family you never knew you needed.

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