Why Should You Use a Genuine Copy Of Tally?

Why Should You Use a Genuine Copy Of Tally?

What is TallyPrime?

TallyPrime is popular accounting software used by small and medium enterprises. It is a perfect business management solution and GST software, with the right combination of control, function, and inbuilt customizability. It helps in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the business.

We are aware of the fact that almost every software is available online for free that is pirated or cracked versions. They are easily available to users when they search for free software. But do the crack version supports and offer you all features of the software? And why should you use a Genuine or Licensed copy of the tally software? We will discuss all the details regarding the usage of licensed software for your business.

Licensed or Genuine software is paid software that comes with all the features or benefits from its company, including the customer support from itself and its service partners.
And Pirated software is software (with almost all paid features) that can be downloaded from the internet via third-party websites for free. In some cases, pirated software is not safe as it may contain some malicious codes, Trojans, and viruses that cause damage to the computer as well as your data.

Generally, people tend to download the cracked version to save money. It may help you in the short term, but you may face many difficulties or problems in the future. A cracked software version offers you the major features same as genuine software. But it doesn’t offer you technical support (which is necessary when you are facing problems) and some of the vital additional features.

Should you use the crack or pirated version Tally?

If you are looking out to use the free or crack version, then you must consider the following things:

No Support for Data Crashes or Loss

Unlike the paid versions, you don’t get any support for any of the data losses in the cracked versions. There is no support for the data crash in free or pirated tally software, as the data is stored in your system’s storage, not in the cloud. And you have lesser chances to access or retrieve data once the data is lost. This is one of the important things you should consider while using free versions.

Limited Access

As we discussed earlier, you get accessed to limited features only. Whereas in paid versions you get all the benefits offered by the company. The licensed version of Tally– can be accessed by many people from anywhere as the data is stored in the cloud; whereas in the cracked version only limited persons can access the data and only be used from your office or personal system.

No Technical Support

Apart from Data Crashes, you may also experience technical problems within the software. The lack of customer support can affect your business as you may be unable to access the data if the software is not working.

Updating the software

This can also be a major problem if you are using the cracked versions. Unlike the Paid version you can’t automatically update the software, you should download some files or software again to keep updated. You also get some issues while updating the software to higher versions.

Benefits of Licensed Tally Software

Let us also look at some of the benefits of using the licensed Tally software:

  • You can easily update your software to a higher version for better performance and increased features.
  • You get Backup support from the certified team at any moment while facing difficulties in software or data crashes.
  • They offer you free support for the paid software.
  • Using genuine software helps the company to improve work efficiency and productivity.


Ensure that you use the licensed version of the Tally for your business. So, that you don’t face any difficulties in the future. Even if you experience the problems, they can be resolved quite easily by the qualified team of Tally Partners. You can stay updated and experience the fast performance of TallyPrime.

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