Ratio Analysis: How it Helps Determine A Company’s Financial Health

Determining the financial health of your business depends on several aspects. One of them is ratio analysis which draws a clear comparison of line items in the financial statements of a business. Ratio analysis is a powerful tool for financial analysis. The report indicates the health of the business using the defined formula. The higher / lower ratio indicates good /poor liquidity position of the business. This report is not just useful for the stakeholders outside of a firm […]

Stock Summary Report & its Advantages

Stock analysis is extremely crucial for any business as stock play the role of a company’s heartbeat. From stock movement to reordering to stock ageing, various reports are involved in order to get the right information about your business’ inventory. It is only with these crucial reports can one identify the important aspects of stock items and thus take business decisions worry-free. One such report is Stock Summary.
What is Stock Summary?
A Stock Summary is a statement of the stock-in-hand […]

How Re-order Level of Stock Helps Keep Your Company’s Financial Health Stable

Optimum stock is the key to manage inventory successfully. Overstocking will lead to blockage of cash and add up to certain risks such as price fluctuation, cost of managing excess stock, dead stock etc. This means that excessive stock may lead your business into losses.
Detecting the correct re-order level is extremely crucial. If an order is placed too soon, it would incur extra costs which include, warehousing rent, opportunity cost, etc. These costs are classified as “carrying costs” which […]

What is Physical Stock Voucher and Register and Its Benefits in Inventory Management?

Inventory and stock play a significant role in defining a business and its profitability, and it is a well-known fact. One of the most crucial features every business owner expects in an accounting software is for it to be able to track inventory accurately and seamlessly. For any business to efficiently manage its activities, the stock needs to be recorded error-free. Any business owner who is looking for a business software demands it to be robust and flexible, so […]

37th GST Council Meeting Updates

The GST Council, headed by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and comprising representatives of all States and Union Territories (UTs), had its 37th meeting in Goa in the backdrop of economic growth hitting a six-year low of 5% for the first quarter of the current fiscal. This GST Council Meeting was extremely crucial as various industries were looking forward to some major decisions to be taken in terms of tax slabs.
There have been demands pouring in from various sectors […]

How Godown Summary Helps in Better Inventory Management

Inventory and stock management is the heartbeat of every business. Especially businesses who are players in the retail sector, need to diligently manage their stock position for the entire company as well as stock-in-hand at each location. While there are several inventory reports which give you a detailed summary of the stock, Godown Summary is one such report which drills down to display the available stock at each location where your business operates and helps you take crucial inventory-related […]

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