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We provide helpdesk solutions from leading global SaaS companies. We are partners for Freshworks, that provides products that are ready to go, easy to use and offer great value to any kind of business. By implementing a helpdesk solution, your business can organize and streamline customer communication and ensure you respond quickly and effectively customer queries.

With the right helpdesk solution, customer support agents have context before they respond to customer queries. A helpdesk also enables your support team to offer exceptional customer experience. Not only that, helpdesk features can benchmark the performance of support teams to encourage and motivate performance.

With our helpdesk consulting solutions, your business can improve customer communication and relationship, thereby helping you connect more successfully.

Why your business needs helpdesk consulting

  1. Unify your support channels into one place
    When email and phone channel are paired with newer channels, like social media, businesses struggle to unify support responses, consistency, and efficiency. This also affects customer satisfaction as he/she is shuffled between channels, looking for the right answer. With a helpdesk, you can easily transfer customer support queries from one channel to another, without loss of context or information.
  2. Gain insight into support agents performance
    When a business encourages the use of personal inboxes to respond to customer inquiries, it limits visibility into support agent performance—the business doesn’t know how many queries are being resolved in a day or if the agents are responding accurately. This data is required since it helps businesses benchmark for future staffing needs and also to gauge agent performance. Robust analytics and customizable reports are built-in features in a helpdesk system that can ensure business managers have more visibility.
  3. Understand your customers better
    With a helpdesk, you can leverage tagging and analytics to understand customer needs and wants. This enables businesses to learn the things they could change in their product offering, add to documenttaion or tweak process to improve ticket deflection rates and customer happiness ratings.
  4. Proactively help your customers with a knowledge base
    You can create a knowledge base on your helpdesk app, that ensures availability of accurate and exhaustive documentation so that customers can find what they are looking for. Millennial customers would much rather find their own information and solution, rather than reach out to support, which can be possible with a knowledge base with adequate documentation. Businesses can also leverage analytics for the knowledge base to know what their customers are searching for, and the most viewed documentation.
  5. Automate tasks to scale your team
    With a helpdesk system, businesses can automate everyday tasks. For example, one could set up automated agent notifications if a query remains pending for more than two days. One can also create manual workflows with helpdesk automation for ticket assignment based on agent roles and tag the agents accordingly.
  6. Create context around a customer’s journey
    A customer may reach out to support via different channels and receive conflicting answers. By using a helpdesk solution, businesses can ensure they have all the information in one place and agents have full context into previous queries or proposed solutions to ensure the information shared is correct and up-to-date.
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