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The Freshsales blog is a diverse platform for discussing sales ideas, strategies, software and skills.

Our blog helps our readers

Improve their selling skills

Refine their sales strategy

We invite fresh perspectives on sales from around the world, preferably if you have a sales background.

Our blog caters to sales management, business development, sales enablement, sales operations leaders, managers and reps, and also small business owners.

Ready to enter the holy grail of sales writing? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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What we focus on

  • Actionable takeaways for sales leaders and salespeople
  • Strategies on sales team management
  • Tips to improve selling skills
  • Tools that can improve sales performance

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Vendor-neutral content

Do not promote your product or service in the blog.

Less but impactful sentences

We know you like to express, but keep it within 1200-1500 words

Actionable takeaways

Share helpful information that the readers can implement

Simplicity in words

Do not use heavy words or jargons and be conversational

Originality is key

Your work should not be repurposed from elsewhere.

Attribute the source

Link to external sources to cite stats is essential. Link to your website only if it furthers the point you are stating. Don’t link your website more than once in the blog.

Guest Blogging Topic of the Month

  • Consultative Selling
  • Remote Selling ​​​​​​​
  • Sales Qualification Techniques
  • Sales Hiring
  • Building and Maintaining Sales Team Culture

What we need from you

To begin guest blogging for us, you can share a blog outline for a topic listed above and share it with our team by clicking on the ‘Write for Us’ button below. If your idea is out of the box, our team members will reach out to you.

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